Monitoring elections and verifying the election results is an important part to ensuring the accuracy and validity of the elections and giving the public confidence in the outcome. The main challenge for election monitoring organizations is that, to perform the types of checks that highlight problematic areas during an election, the election information from each precinct is required. Unfortunately, the CEC only provides summary district data during the election. The precinct information is not released until 20 days after the election takes places, well after the outcome has been decided and the time to address issues has passed.

The Georgia Election Protocols site is dedicated to monitoring the election results on the night of the election by utilizing the power of crowdsourcing to manually enter the election results from each precinct. The CEC uploads the precinct information to their website in the form of scanned documents and this site takes those documents and allows volunteers to digitize the precinct information through a double-blind data entry verification process. Once this information is digitized, the election monitoring organizations can then analyze the data in time to have an impact - before the outcome of the elections has been decided.

With the support of the National Democratic Institute and volunteers in Georgia and all over the world, ForSet is spearheading a massive effort to digitize all the precinct information within 48 hours after polling stations close. We welcome any and all support for this effort, including YOUR time. By volunteering your time to digitize even a small number of precinct ballot protocols, you will help us achieve our goal. The data will be available to everyone for download throughout the night in spreadsheet format and will regularly feed into the Georgian Election Data Portal to make it easy for people to explore, visually, what the data means.

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